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Patrick Kilpatrick is a veteran of 200+ films and hit TV shows, an accomplished actor, writer, and producer. Kilpatrick is CEO of Uncommon Dialogue Films and a proud father of 2 grown sons. He is a world-recognized entertainment speaker, consultant, and teacher responsible for elevating hundreds of entertainment and media professionals.

Kilpatrick is a common-sense Democrat, an advocate for solutions, devoted to empathy and uplifting of all people.
Palm Trees

Patrick Kilpatrick has delivered the goods in every field he has worked in.

California deserves better.

Patrick Kilpatrick will deliver for Californians.

Our Mission


✓ Hollywood back to California. Bring film/TV production, eco-sensitive industries - all those jobs back through greater incentives. Immediate implementation of 25% cash rebate for in-state spending for vetted film/TV media, video games, and photographic projects.

✓ Elevate our schools by ensuring that funding reaches children’s programs and teachers. Our pre-K to community colleges should be the finest in the country.

✓ Lower taxes. More money in the hands of Californians to increase choices for all.

✓  Zero tolerance for crime with advanced police training and reform.

✓  Eradicate homelessness by providing essential services and employment necessary. Compassionate enforcement using the full spectrum of social programs, statewide workforce and local police. Repurposing available land and derelict buildings.

✓  Secure borders, equal justice for everyone - path to citizenship with the Prospective Citizen’s Contribution Program. The PCCP is the first and only measure proposed by any candidate to offer immigrants a clear path to US citizenship. Upon registration, immigrants with no fiscal means and fulfilling certain entrance criteria, will be given a grace period of 4 years to establish themselves. After that time, a yearly contribution of $1000 for 10 years will pave the way to full citizenship and cover the cost of health, education and running of the program. The PCCP offers a legitimate path to legal citizenship dependent on strong adherence to the law. Any felony conviction will revoke all rights and result in immediate deportation.

✓ Medicare for all WITH private insurance additional supplement marketplace.
✓ Pre-K to grade 12 private sector Dental Care Initiative - dental health for all children. Restore music, arts, and sports programs at every grade level. We are advocates for charter schools and parental choice of education for their children with transferable vouchers. Vigorous prosecution of domestic violence and child abuse cases. Complete overhaul of child care and foster system..

✓ Improve the environment for a better tomorrow. Federal/State subsidy for eco solar and wind power retrofitting, including Landlord installation subsidies. Statewide compliance of single use biodegradable utensils/packaging. Severe fines for industrial polluters. Drought tolerant plant mandates. Preferential water rates for organic agriculture and humane animal food production.
✓ Complete support for the LGBTQ+ community. Equal protection under the Constitution and Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness clause of the Declaration of Independence. Full participation in the military for LGBTQ+.  Sexual reassignment procedures are a personal choice, not the responsibility of either taxpayers or the military.  One must be 18 years or older for gender reassignment procedures or medication.
✓ Totalitarian Tariff. Any goods being imported from a totalitarian regime will pay an extra tax if they wish to do business within the state. A totalitarian regime would be a country involved in slavery, child labor, or oppression of basic human freedoms. This will also encourage consumers to buy local U.S. made products by leveling the playing field.

✓ As a man, I feel I have little place in advising women on their reproductive rights. Abortion is a matter of personal choice. I personally believe abortion past the onset of the 3rd trimester is abhorrent.
✓ Highway expansion at gridlock chokepoints.
✓ Private sector initiatives for design-worthy affordable housing.
✓ 70% tax credit for revitalization and renovation of historic buildings – driving homeownership for the middle class and young families.

✓ Creation of a large scale workforce for fire forestry maintenance, recycling programs,  beach clean up/ocean preservation, school, open space and highway beautification.

Heal California!


I chose to get vaccinated and know first hand the ravages of this virus. I am however, a strong proponent of personal choice. I believe in an individual’s right to choose whether or not they receive the vaccine. I am pro mask but oppose lockdowns. Under my governorship, I will endeavor to find better solutions than are currently offered by the current leadership or candidates.


This is a constant evolving challenge and I will rise to meet it.

We can change things, but you must want change first.

We Need Your Support Today!

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