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'It is heartbreaking to see what has happened to my state of California. I look outside and I see rampant homelessness, collapsing education, a decaying environment, and increasing crime. I can not stand by and let this happen. We urgently need change and vision.'

Patrick Kilpatrick
for Governor

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The change we need

Kilpatrick is a common-sense Democrat, an advocate for solutions, devoted to empathy and uplifting of all people.
- Lower taxes - more money in every Californian's hands
- Immediate return of film and media production to California - carpenters, electricians to set designers - all the wide array of jobs and major money involved that will return to our State.
- An advocate for eco-sensitive pro-business policies.
- Defense of the environment.
- Why are our schools not the envy of the world? Pre-K thru community higher education. 
- Why has the state eliminated music, athletic and arts programs when we have a state surplus of between 36 to 76 billion (depending on the source)?

Secure borders are not incompatible with emergence of our undocumented populous from the shadows with a clear path to citizenship - while safeguarding the rights of all Americans.
The homeless population is unconscionable and growing. Encompassing trash, lack of security, sex trafficking, violence and rising crime are present in our cities. There are sporadic bright spots by private partnerships and government agencies, why are they not expanding to solve the problems?
Resources and consensus solutions for the Veteran, addiction, mental health, able-bodied employment and law enforcement are required to reclaim California.
Stop the California freefall.
Equal and safe. 
Secure and thriving
Time to get it done.
Los Angeles

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'This isn't about political parties. This is about authentic people getting things done!'

Patrick Kilpatrick

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